Precision Hand Tuning

Experience the difference of quality workmanship.  Have your skis tuned by a highly-trained technician at Alpine Sports, and notice the difference a great tune can add to your skiing enjoyment.


We feature world-class precision ski &snowboard tuning, along with expert binding installation and adjustment services.


  • Tuning:   We’re proud to offer truly World-Class hand-shaping and hand-tuning.  This combined with Wintersteiger base stone-grinds and ceramic edging, gives you custom-tuned performance with state-of-the-art precision.
  • Bindings:  We have a staff of expert trained technicians who specialize in installing and adjusting all modern alpine binding systems.
  • Why do I need to tune my skis or board?  The base and edges of your skis or board determine control, ease of turning and speed. A properly prepared base and clean, polished edges, along with a high quality wax, will drastically improve your performance and ability!
  • How often should I tune my skis or board?  You should start the season with a full tune.  Then continue through the season getting only your edges re-sharpened as they become dull or burred.
  • How do I know if my edges need sharpening?   If you feel a lot of burring or nicks when you run you fingers along the metal edges of your skis or board, it’s time for re-sharpening.
  • What if it’s been a while?   Help, I hit a rock!   A full stone-grind tune is usually necessary once a year, or if you need base or edge repairs.  If so, we’ve got you covered, just bring ’em in and we’ll help determine what repairs and tuning is necessary.