Alpine Sports offers door-to-door Delivery Rental of Ski and Snowboard Packages.

–  We deliver quality rental equipment to your hotel or lodging.
–  An expert technician will adjust your gear and ensure it fits properly.
–  We pick up and return your gear when your rental is completed.


Equipment & Packages Available for Delivery  (prices per day)

–  Powder Demo Skis (Adult, Package)   $75.00   (Mountain Luxury price $60.00)
–  Powder Demo Skis (Adult, Skis only)  $70.00  (Mountain Luxury price $55.00)
–  All-Mountain Demo Skis (Adult, Package) per day $75.00  (Mountain Luxury price $60.00)
–  All-Mountain Demo Skis (Adult, Skis only)  $70.00  (Mountain Luxury price $55.00)
–  Sport Skis or Snowboard (Adult, Package)  $50.00  (Mountain Luxury price $40.00)
–  Sport Skis or Snowboard (Junior, Package)  $30.00  (Mountain Luxury price $25.00)
(poles included with Skis-only rentals if needed)


Make a reservation at least five days in advance and we’ll deliver your gear to where you’re staying, and pick it up when you’re done.  Here’s how:

–  Completely fill out the reservation form below, then press “Submit Your Reservation” at the bottom.
–  Note: Delivery Rental requires a minimum of two (2) adult renters for a minimum of two (2) rental days.
–  One reservation for each skier/boarder.  You must complete an individual reservation for each member of your family or group.
–  You’ll receive an email right away confirming your reservation.
–  Delivery Reservations MUST  be received at least five (5) days in advance.  (any less and you’ll be automatically converted to an in-store pickup reservation.)
–  Any changes to delivery drop-off or pickup times and/or dates must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


Photo ID and Credit Card payment are required when we deliver your your rental gear.  You also must be 18 years of age, or you’ll need a parent/guardian present to sign a release form at the time of delivery.


Rental questions, special requests, need additional assistance?

Email us at or call 801-393-0066.  We’re here to help!


  • Your Contact Information

  • Delivery Details

  • How shall we refer to your family or group during setup and delivery or your equipment?
  • Where are you staying? (please include a Condo name and/or Unit # if you know it)
  • The address of where you're staying, and to where we're delivering.
  • Reservation Details

  • The total number of days you wish to rent. (not counting night-before drop-off or morning-after pickup.) 2-day minimum required.
  • The total number of renters in your family, group, or party. (Minimum of 2 adult renters required for delivery rental.)
  • Reminder: reservations must be made at least 5 days in advance.
  • Equipment Setup Information

  • Skier Information

    Please determine your Skier Type using the chart at the bottom of this page.
  • Select the category of ski equipment you wish delivered.
  • Rent a full Skis & Boots package or just Skis?
  • Snowboarder Information

  • Select the category of snowboard equipment you wish to rent.
  • Rent a Board & Boots package or just a Board?
  • Protect Your Noggin'

  • Protect From Accidental Damage

    $2/day for Sport Equipment, or $5/day for Demo equipment (note: does not cover lost or stolen equipment)
  • Additional Comments

  • Please Note: Each additional member of your family or group must complete a separate rental reservation form.





Skier Type