Enjoy the best possible performance and comfort from your ski boots!


Alpine Sports is proud to offer personal, one-on-one boot-fitting services.  We have 5 experienced MasterFit boot fitters who can help you find the perfect new ski boots, or make your current boots fit better, feel great, and perform at the highest possible level.


Note:  Boot-fitting appointments are required, please call today to schedule a time.  Boot fitting services are available with a non-refundable $50 purchase deposit, which can be applied to your purchase that day of new ski boots or many of the custom boot services.  (see below or call for more information)  Sorry, self-tryons are not available.


A professionally fit boot gives you maximum control of your skis and gives the comfort to stay out on the mountain all day long.  Custom liners can take your boots and skiing to another level entirely.  And custom ski-boot insoles are the single best accessory a skier could buy.  Nothing does more to increase your comfort, warmth and performance on the mountain than a well-fit ski boot.

  • Digital 3D Foot Scanning – advanced computer modelling,  shows exactly which boots fit you best, analyses your foot & arch structures, and identifies hot spots
  • Foamed Liners – custom performance boot liners that fit so well you might forget you’re wearing ski boots, yet perform like never before
  • Heat Molding – match your boot’s liner or shell to the shape of your feet
  • Boot Sole Alignment – align your boots to match your body, maximize performance
  • Shell Punching – increase comfort & relieve painful hot-spots
  • Sidas Custom Insoles – thermo-molded footbeds shaped to support and hold the exact contours of your feet
  • Intuition Liners – premium moldable boot liners, enhance performance and increase comfort
  • Boot Heaters – even the coldest feet can stay warm with rechargeable custom boot heaters
  • Booster Straps – maximum edge control, maximum boot performance
  • Boot Dryers – Start each day with dry boots
  • Buckle Repair / Toe & Heel plate Replacement

Call us today and set up an appointment with one of our expert boot-fitters.  Due to the time and nature of personal service provided, walk-ins usually cannot be accommodated.   We always do our best to serve everyone, but know that without an appointment you may have to wait a long time, or it may not be possible at all on busy days & weekends.  Sorry, self-service boot tryons are not available.